Caelian Empire

After enjoying centuries of prosperity undisturbed on their isolated peninsula in what is now the Commonwealth, the Caelians burst forth with great ships and greater armies, flooding across the double-continent. The only lands to escape their influence were the Uttermost North, protected by the nigh-impenetrable barrier of the Mauvan Wode and the savage lands of Ix, which no empire has ever conquered.

Named after the tallest hill in their home city of Cetina, the Caelians’ great invention was the first human-forged steel. Their shields could withstand any blow, their swords could break any weapon. They used it to reinforce the hulls of their ships with great steel ribs giving their galleons strength and flexibility and the advantage in battle and navigation.

After conquering the six known regions of Orden, the Caelians built six great cities of which only one, Capital, remains. From their great cities, they produced a new age, the Age of Enlightenment. Magic was tamed and philosophy, politics, and law were the order of the day.

Like the first two empires of Man, the Caelians ruled for over a thousand years. And like the first two empires of Man, the Caelian empire collapsed suddenly, with no explanation, plunging the world into darkness and savagery.

The forests and deserts and mountains took back the cities and roads the Caelians built. For 300 years, life during the Age of Savagery was brutal and short and many feared a new age, and age of Orcs or Goblins was coming.

But from the ashes of the great empire come new men to carve a just world from the wilderness.

Caelian Empire

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